Renovations at Grove City College's Henry Buhl Library are progressing ahead of schedule, with the latest portion of the $9 million project now complete.

School officials announced in a press release that the expansive first-floor study area called the Learning Commons is now open. The area wasn't expected to be ready for students until this fall.

And while students are already enjoying the space, there is still more to come, including tech upgrades, shelving, and more furniture.

The overall makeover of the 70-year-old building expands from top-to-bottom of the three-floor building. The project will include new study spaces, technology upgrades, and a café and patio.

A largely unused space on the ground floor has already been transformed into a reading and reference room. A dramatic bleacher staircase that links the library's first two floors was finished this fall. And school officials say work on the first floor started just before Christmas and is expected to continue through the end of the academic year.

The library has been open throughout the construction, and the project is currently about three months ahead of schedule. Private donations are funding renovations.