In the next few weeks warmer weather will arrive, making the grass in our lawns start to grow out of control.
Do you have the equipment necessary to keep up?

Supply chain issues that plagued the car industry is now starting to leak into other industries that use gas engines.

John Agnew is marking his mowers in his Boardman showroom with the amount he has left in stock. In most cases it's one or two. After they're gone, well, it might be a long wait.

"A lot of the stuff we ordered last fall won't be available until March of next year. Riding mowers in general and also walk behind mowers. There's an extreme shortage of walk behind mowers," said Agnew.

John says the larger commercial mowers are the ones that are especially starting to be hard to come by.

Over at Do-Cut in Canfield, they say items like chainsaws are running low. Parts for smaller engines, especially, are getting scarce.

"There's a component issue across all industries and that effects repairs. Not only do you have less equipment so maybe people are repairing stuff that maybe they wouldn't have before, the service shops are being stressed as well. The parts demand is high also," said Jay Curry of Do-Cut.

So if you know your mower needs to be repaired take it in ASAP.
And if you need a new one...

"Waiting around is going to give you less choices and less options so it's better to be prepared early," said Curry.