"We have no grocery store in this area in our inner city," Rosetta Carter, Executive Director of the grassroots organization ACTION said regarding the fresh food insecurity in Youngstown. 

However, there are new efforts to change this in Youngstown and beyond. It's called the Mobile Market Initiative, a 28-foot truck, which will make stops to offer fresh, locally grown groceries on wheels year-round.

It'll target the food deserts of Youngstown, as well as in Struthers and Lowellville.

"It is going to make options available to people who have limited options," Jeff Magada, Executive Director and Founder of Flying High, a workforce development organization in Youngstown said, "and also seniors who have may have limited mobility from just getting out of their place."

The truck will be fitted with shelving, refrigeration, and freezers. It will not only have fresh produce, but also milk, cheese, eggs, butter and other grocery store items. 

Youngstown organizations came together with ACTION to plan and make this happen, including Flying High, which owns a farm in the city. They'll help provide the produce along with other local farmers and markets in the Valley. 

Anyone can shop inside the mobile market and $25 a month vouchers will soon be available through an application for families who meet 200 percent of the poverty income. For a family of four, that's an income of $53,000 or less.

The Mobile Market will kick off in May and they hope to expand further in the Valley.