The Village of Poland is considering becoming a golf cart community. That's a community that allows people to drive golf carts on village roads.

Councilman Anthony Lattanzio is spearheading the effort.

"We've talked about it for years on and off and now we wrote a very nice piece of legislation that incorporates the state regulations as well as adds our own that are very specific to our town," Lattanzio said.

Lattanzio says when they established their strategic plan last year, they focused on what would differentiate the village from other communities and he felt this was a great idea.

"I think that is something that no one else has done around here and if we can do it in a safe and effective way, that is something that people move into town and say oh my gosh I can get a golf cart and ride it around my street, like that would be something really cool that no one else really has yet," Lattanzio said.

According to the legislation, the golf carts would have to be inspected by Village police. They have to be registered and titled through the BMV and can only be operated by someone at least 18-years-old with a valid drivers license.

Other stipulations include not driving on Village roads with a speed limit higher than 35 MPH or any state highway in the Village of Poland on any weekday between the hours of 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM. Operating golf carts will also be prohibited during the months of December, January, February or March.

Lattanzio says some early feedback from residents had people worried about safety, especially on 224.

"The state legislation says 35 miles an hour or less," Lattanzio said. "The state routes through the center of Poland are all 25 miles an hour. What we put in as a stipulation is any state route, not based on speed limit but any state route has additional regulations right so, 224 and 176 and 16 that all cross in the village would be limited to hours of operation, months of operation and they would only be able to cross the road or traverse it enough to get to the next side street so they couldn't go from the top of north main all the way down through the village so that is kind of how we addressed those concerns."

The golf carts also must have headlights, brake lights, windshields, taillights, seat belts and other safety equipment.

Lattanzio says he sees this more on the side roads as a way to see neighbors or just enjoy the day.

"They could utilize these to go see their neighbors, you know we are pretty much segmented into four main areas, our village right and each of those neighborhoods could use this to go communicate with their neighbors, enjoy the outside, do something kind of fun and also it's safe and legal and all of these things," Lattanzio said. "I think this is a pretty cool opportunity for a new topic to be discussed and brought to this table for a community that we've considered forever as having such a proud past and we want it to have that promising future like our new motto kind of says and we think that this could really contribute to it or at least I do so we're hoping for the best."

The new legislation is still in committee, but if Lattanzio has enough votes to pass it, it could be introduced to council at their next meeting later in April.