Crews from the Austintown Fire and Road Departments as well as from Hazmat were called out to handle an emergency of a different color in the Township.

An accident involving a flatbed truck resulted in 700 gallons of street marker paint being spilled on a car and the roadway at North Meridian and Crum roads Tuesday morning.

Two large containers of white and yellow paint fell from the flatbed, splattering on the road and a passing car.

The driver of the tractor trailer told police that the driver of the car cut him off. However, after reviewing dashcam from the cab, police cited the truck driver, saying they don't believe he had been paying attention.

Crews worked to keep the paint from seeping into local waterways, including dumping a load of sand on the road to soak up the paint which was going to be delivered to the Mahoning County Engineer.

The Environmental Protection Agency has also been contacted.