Trumbull county commissioners had been considering a proposal to add a section to the county web site that would list every dollar the board spends from their allotment of American Rescue Plan funds. 

The proposal, introduced by commissioner Niki Frenchko, would have established an online "checkbook" that would have been listed on the Trumbull County Commissioners web site. 

According to a note attached to the resolution on the official agenda, the resolution would "include projects approved, amount allocated and a brief discussion on benefit to the county. Other information would include projects submitted,
sponsor/applicant, cost, potential benefits and "next steps". This is necessary for total transparency for funds spent, pending, and future available funds." 

Frenchko voted in favor of the resolution, but it was defeated after the other two commissioners, Frank Fuda and Mauro Cantalamessa, voted against it. 

During the meeting, Fuda and Cantalamessa questioned the need for ARP funds and applications to be listed on the county's web site, saying all county expenditures are already listed on the Ohio Auditor's online checkbook site. 

Frenchko argued that web site doesn't include a list of the potential projects or a running balance sheet for the public to easily follow. 

While neither Fuda nor Cantalamessa expressed any specific opposition to the resolution in any detail, the discussion quickly turned contentious, with Cantalamessa accusing Frenchko of being condescending and Fuda yelling "Stop" as Frenchko spoke. 

The argument came to an abrupt end with the roll call vote, at which point Fuda and Cantalamessa shot the resolution down. 

"No, I don't even know what we're voting on," Cantalamessa said.