Police have arrested an Austintown man accused of using “play money” to buy a winning scratch-off lottery ticket from a Boardman grocery store.

Police say they used store security video to identify 37-year-old Jeremy Daviduk as the man who used a phony $100 bill to buy four packs of cigarettes from the Doral Drive Giant Eagle, then used the change to buy scratch-off tickets from a lottery machine.

From those tickets, the suspect won $100.00 that he cashed out.

Then, according to the report, he returned to the same register and got five $20 dollar bills in change from another $100 play money bill.

With that money, police say the man went back to the lottery machine and purchased several more tickets before leaving the store.

Giant Eagle employees told officers they knew the man as a frequent customer who buys cigarettes.

Police say the phony bills were clearly marked on the front and back with the words “The United States Play Money”.

Daviduk has been charged with two counts of theft by deception, as well as one count of obstructing official business and one count of criminal trespassing.