In downtown Youngstown there was a ribbon cutting for a new business. 
And that's music to some recording artists ears.
From humble beginnings in a backyard shed to a ribbon cutting on the 8th floor of 11 West Federal Street downtown Youngstown. 
Three graduates from YSU and one from TCTC  have opened a professional recording studio called Level 8.
"I make beats, record all vocals, I can record instruments, track them and comp them so they sound as good as possible," LV8 Executive Music Producer Logan Neff said.
"I started as a producer when I was in high school I had a studio in my parents basement, so a lot of knowledge around the scene here and the music industry," added LV8 Chief Marketing Officer Charles Colvin.
When they opened doors business was slow but picked up almost overnight with some local music artists and some music artists traveling from other states to LV8.
"Within the first two weeks I was blown away. Every single day another person calling, another person trying to book," LV8 Chief Operations Manager Marco Mediati emphasized.
The co-owners invested more than $50,000  and are using their talents to show case musicians of any genre.
"Along with audio we also offer services anywhere from music video's to commercial video, professional head shots, portraits, anything. We do landscape and pictures for reality businesses, said LV8 Chief Creative Officer Lucas Garland. 
You can find out more about prices and book on line at or calling their phone number 234-600-4015.