"Do we know where he's at, do we know his address, is he coming down Mahoning Avenue right now?"

All questions First Ward councilman Julius Oliver posed during Thursday's safety committee meeting.
All concerns that remain top of mind two weeks after someone emailed threats to "hunt down" some members of council.
Oliver says YPD hasn't explained why no charges have been filed or how serious the threat really is.

"I felt like there were way too many gaps in the information, even to this point, to make me feel like I had the knowledge to know whether it was a serious threat or not," said Oliver. "It was serious to me because now I'm armed to the teeth trying to protect myself and my family."

"Youngstown police Captain Jason Simon told 21 news he couldn't comment on any particulars involving this investigation. He reiterated that YPD is not naming a suspect and that no charges have been filed.

There are, however, photos of the suspect hanging up in city hall - something law director Jeff Limbian says is not unusual when someone is believed to pose a potential threat.

"I think it's obviously a very valid concern," says Seventh Ward councilwoman Basia Adamczak. Despite that, Adamczak - who called in the initial threat - said the person of interest isn't known to follow through on them.

She echoed fellow councilman Mike Ray's suggestion to improve communication between council and YPD, and establish more concrete crisis protocols for council.

"From my understanding, there's not a very specific, detailed plan for something like this."

A plan council hopes it will never need.