As the city of Youngstown continues to claw back money from the developers of the Chill Can plant - which, after years of missed deadlines, still hasn't produced a single can - it's looking at new ways to attract businesses.

"We've learned our lesson from that," says First Ward councilman Julius Oliver. "So it's like how do we benefit not only those businesses but pull them back into the city, get more tax dollars for the city?"

New Castle-based Steelite - which already has offices in the Commerce Building downtown - wants to relocate its headquarters into the Taft Technology Center on West Federal.

To do that, the company would enter into a job creation grant agreement, supported by Mayor Tito Brown.

Finance director Kyle Miasek says the city would collect income tax, then give unrestricted grant payments from the general fund over five years.
The payments would gradually decrease over those five years. Miasek says the city already has a similar agreement with Vallourec and the city of Girard.

"You're not discounting something that already exists, you're putting an incentive on something a company is bringing in that didn't exist before," explained councilman Oliver.

Which in this case is 70 jobs.
Fifth Ward councilwoman Lauren McNally tells 21 News while this won't replace programs like tax abatements, it will become another tool in the city's chest.
With this type of agreement, the city won't be out anything if the company doesn't hold up its end. 

While the details sound like formalities, the deal isn't done just yet. The finance committee meets Monday to approve it, then council as a whole would have to pass it Wednesday.

City leaders tell 21 News they expect both to happen and for Steelite to move in by October.