After nearly five years of reward offers, vigils, billboards, family pleas, and even a poker run to raise awareness, the remains of a woman reported missing in 2017 have finally been found in Youngstown.

Bones discovered on the city’s East Side more than two weeks ago have been identified as those of Amy Hambrick by police and the Mahoning County Coroner.

The revelation was made during a Tuesday news conference at Youngstown Police Headquarters.

The last contact with Hambrick was on November 10, 2017, when she was 29 years old.

Since that time, thousands of dollars in rewards for information about her whereabouts went unclaimed.

Lamar Advertising displayed three billboards with Hambrick’s picture and police contact information.

The bones were discovered wrapped in cloth in a wooded area off Thorn Hill Road, which runs between Hubbard Road and Lansdowne Boulevard.

The cause of her death is undetermined.

Police say the investigation into the death of Hambrick, who would have been 34 years old now, remains open.  Investigators say they have no leads.