This Thursday, Ohio is expected to release the school state report cards.
The state report card will look different this year as the state is no longer using the A to F system.
Ohio changed to a five star rating system this year.
Thursday morning a meeting is scheduled with county administrators where they will look at scores and new indicators. 
Administrators will work with school board members to teach them what the technical documentation looks and how the scores have changed and how the indicators are changing. 
For decades the district made limited progress under local then state control.
Thursday we should know about what areas students have made progress in and what subjects there is need for improvements.
Youngstown school board members listened to information about improvements the district has been making in the last year, and what percent increases could be released Thursday on the Ohio State Report Cards.
"Our literacy scores, our students are growing more in those areas. Math is something we need to focus on, and we are doing some things already with some new positions and math coaching to really help move up those math scores," Jeremy Batchelor, Deputy Superintendent of Youngstown City School District said.
Literacy for 404 students who are from families that don't speak English or EL, English Learning students has also increased, due to extra programs and help. 
"Consistency is key. This is the second year in a row we will show growth and improvement. We moved from 3.5% to approximately 6% to 7% this time around. Therefore by next year around we should be hitting that 10% that ODES, Ohio Department of Education Services, asked of us," English Learning Coordinator Dennis Yommer, Jr. said.
The graduation rates for students at Youngstown public schools have increased from 78% up to over 87% in four years, but the increase could dip to 1 % this year due to COVID-19 and two years of on line struggles with learning.
More students have moved  out of limited to basic, and from basic to proficient.
"I would ask the community to stay behind us. We are not asking for a rubber stamp, but understand progress is being made. Good things are happening for scholars in our district," added Batchelor.