For the past couple of years, downtown Youngstown has been undergoing a major transformation with many improvement projects in the works.

These projects do come with a price though, as many folks traveling through downtown for events or for work are running into many road closures and detours. However, this is all part of a process to beautify the city.

Youngstown's Deputy Director of Public Works, Chuck Shasho talked to 21 News about the progress being made on these projects, telling us the city is about 30% complete.

Some projects include streets like Front, Commerce and Federal Street all needing repaved, alongside other things such as curb replacements, streetscape elements and new pedestrian lighting.

For those inconvenienced by the construction, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as some of these projects will be wrapping up soon.

Boardman Street is set to reopen on Monday, September 26 at the latest, and Front Street is expected to reopen sometime during the Halloween season.

"Front Street is moving along very nicely. It will be complete with one lane in each direction and the bike trails and walking path obviously on the south side of the road," Shasho said.

Shasho tells us while these projects are almost done, some are a little tougher and will take a little longer to reopen.

"The hard closure is Federal Street between South Avenue and Walnut and then Federal Street between Walnut and Champion," Shasho said.

Shasho tells 21 News trees are currently being planted and there should be significant progress on Commerce Street in the coming weeks with the construction being completed in full by early 2024.