Dozens of Canfield residents celebrated their cardinal pride Thursday at the annual 'Good Evening, Canfield' event.

City, township and school representatives provided progress updates on current projects and what's to come for the area.

"This is kind of showing the public and letting the public know that we do communicate, we do work on projects and it's for everybody and all of Canfield," said Mayor Don Dragish to 21 News. 

Mayor Dragish mentioned the progress with the center green and water projects throughout the city.

"And some monies we've received from the state to get some stuff done," Dragish added.

Canfield Township Trustee Chairman Brian Governor said the township has the most housing starts in the county and mentioned a few new businesses coming to the township.

"When you get here and you can actually hear from the officials, what's actually going on, I think it makes it a lot more credible," Governor said. 

Canfield Superintendent Joe Knoll spoke on the district's PBIS initiative, positive state report card, and renewal levy.

"We have a lot of stakeholders that don't have kids that come to school," Knoll said. "Maybe don't have grandkids either, and maybe aren't connected with what we're doing on a day-to-day basis. So it's a great opportunity to come out and share the good news in the district."

Officials also provided updates on Millennial Moments, the 111 acres at the intersection of U.S. Route 224 and South Palmyra Road that will become a luxury lifestyle community.

"With new industry coming in, people are looking for the best place to live," said Bruce Neff, City Councilman. "We're so proud of our schools that I think Canfield has a leg up for getting executives and the right type of community members to join us."

The 16th Annual Business Pride Award went to Gem-Young Insurance & Financial Services in their 75th year in business.