Boardman Police were at the Southern Park mall just before midnight Saturday night investigating a break in at JCPenney.

According to Boardman Police, the alarm dropped shortly after 11:00 p.m. Saturday night. 

Police sources say the suspects smashed through the glass doors to gain entry to the store. From there, the suspects broke into the store's cash registers and stole money.

Police do not have any description of the suspects at this time and will review security camera footage to determine potential suspects.

Shortly after this incident occurred, a similar incident happened at Macy's at the Eastwood Mall in Niles with thieves also attempting to break into that mall's JCPenney store as well.

Boardman Police say they aren't aware of any other store in the Southern Park Mall that was hit aside from JCPenney. 

Due to the similarity of these incidents, police tell us it is likely that officers from Boardman and Niles will compare the two incidents to determine any potential connections. 

21 News is working to learn more about this incident. Stay tuned for the latest updates.