"Latinos are just good people who are looking for good people to represent them. It's as simple as that," says Ohio district court judge Marilyn Zayas.

As a Latina herself, Zayas is acutely aware of recent trends among Latino voters.

NBC News recently reported polling that 10 percent more of Latinos are supporting Republicans in congressional races compared to the 2018 midterms.
At the same time, feelings among Latinos that the Republican Party is hostile to them have dropped 10 percent.

When asked if she feels Democrats are missing on messaging, on the issues, or both, Zayas said "what I think is actually happening is that Latinos are voting for individuals and not necessarily voting for a party slate."

Which she believes reflects a preference among Latinos for trust on an individual basis.
Henry Guzman, former chair of OCCHA, isn't sure these recent statistical trends are a harbinger of things to come, either.

"We're still at the same percentage of Latino Democrats since 2019 but there have been some regional shifts in places like Florida," he said. "Lots of Cubans lean Republican, but American Puerto Ricans by far lean Democratic."

We'll have a better idea of where these trends are headed in just a few short days.