A dozen or so people showed up to Thursday night's meeting wanting details about how the money would be used.
Fire chief Travis Eastham assured them that it would be for more than just buying new trucks, although there's at least one that needs replaced.

The chief says manpower has been dropping as call volumes skyrocket.
The tax base has also dropped off since GM's plant closed, and Eastham says the jobs that have come in since haven't been enough to make up the difference.

Several questions focused on the disaster in East Palestine and how this levy would help Lordstown respond to something similar at Ultium Cells.
Chief Eastham said all the questions had merit and is cautiously optimistic people will support the levy.

"Nobody's ever confident on anything," he said. "I mean I feel pretty good about it, but until May 2 has come and gone...I can't give you an answer on that."

Chief Eastham says another flyer with information about the levy will be mailed out to residents soon.
He says if he gets enough feedback and questions in response, he'll hold another meeting.