Trumbull County Commissioner, Niki Frenchko has accused Trumbull County Sheriff, Paul Monroe of unlawfully attempting to seize her phone while doing a live stream.

During a live stream of a public meeting held Thursday, Frenchko was asking questions about financial spending during the meeting.

When Sheriff Monroe begins speaking, Frenchko points her phone at him. The video shows Sheriff Monroe getting up out of his chair and approaching Frenchko followed by the phone falling.

"You don't do that. That was so inappropriate. You have no respect for boundaries," Frenchko said.

21 News spoke to Sheriff Monroe who denies slapping the phone from Frenchko and instead alleges that Frenchko initiated the incident by slapping him causing her phone to go flying. Monroe tells 21 News he has no plans on pressing assault charges on Frenchko.

21 News has requested any surveillance video of the meeting in order to review any other angles that may exist of the incident. 

The video shows Monroe's hand moving towards the camera lens followed by the phone falling. Monroe appears to be trying to reach for the phone in the video.

Sheriff Monroe also said that he felt Frenchko recording him to be an invasion of his privacy and that he had "every right" to move the phone. 

Monroe went on to tell us that he doesn't want to participate in "[Frenchko's] social media fiasco she puts on every week."

However, Frenchko tells us her recording this meeting was nothing out of the ordinary and that she always records public meetings both for the sake of transparency and for her own personal safety and that she was not breaking any laws by recording.

"This is just further demonstration that we have a sheriff elected right now, who doesn't respect the Constitution, and seizing property, as he acknowledged to you that he did, and throwing it down is something that's illegal. And he should know that as a law enforcement officer," Frenchko said.

Frenchko went on to say that she has consulted Attorney, Dave Betras and is determining whether or not to pursue legal action. 

"I absolutely support law enforcement and what they do, but I don't support the conduct of the sheriff, Frenchko said.