A Howland township woman accused of holding a couple hostage for three days in her home, was supposed to appear in court but refused to come out of her jail cell.

Anita Lach, 62, was arrested last week after police surrounded her Ridge Avenue home.

A 52-year-old Niles man called 911, claiming Lach had been holding him and a 42-year-old woman hostage, barricading exits to the home.

The 9-1-1 caller said he managed to make a phone call by telling Lach he needed to use a bathroom in the basement.

Police say the man managed to slip out of the front door and the woman left the home through a sliding glass door in the back.

The man told police he and Latch met in the hospital and she asked the two to come over and do lawn and auto repair work.

After spending two days at the home, the man claims that Lach became hostile, telling the couple that they belonged to her now, and began holding them hostage for three days.

Lach faces two abduction charges and police say there were warrants for her arrest on previous charges for allegedly assaulting officers and a paramedic, as well as charges of aggravated menacing filed by a neighbor.

She is due back in court on Friday at 9:45 a.m.