Apartments built for workers at Youngstown Sheet and Tube burned to the ground in Campbell on Tuesday.

 At around 6:00 p.m., firefighters were called to the abandoned apartment complex on Booker Street.
"When our crew got on scene, he saw he had fire showing out of two buildings on Ensley. As he went to do a 360 to check to see the rest of the building he noticed there was also fire coming out of rear units on Booker," Fire Chief Stephan Dubic said.
Dubic told us the apartments are on a list for demolition, and there was no option but to let them burn. 
A man who lived in one of the units in this complex about 20 years ago told 21 News that Youngstown Sheet and Tube started having housing built in 1917 and completed them by 1921.
"They let workers live in them. They were paying very low rent then. I think around 1948 they started selling them off individually to the workers,"  Chuck said.
Then they were sold to private owners.
Michael Blomn says seeing the fire is like watching history go up in smoke.
"I know they're over 100 years old. I was going to fix them up, but then the unit I bought was put on a list to be demolished," Michael Bloomn said.
The first ward councilman says there are too many fires in his ward at apartments already slated to be demolished. 
"The fires are really getting out of hand. And they need to just stop setting fires," Campbell Councilman Tim O'Bryan said.
Chief Dubic is calling the origin of the fires suspicious. 
He is warning everyone to stay out of the abandoned homes for their own safety. 
"The heating vents that were removed in some of the homes, and has left giant holes in some floors. They could potentially fall through the floors into the basement, and they're all made of concrete," Chief Dubic emphasized.
Investigators said people setting the fires could fall through floors and put their own safety at risk.