A new toll collection system on the Ohio Turnpike would allow for high-speed open road tolling for drivers with E-Z Pass.

These renovations are coming to multiple mainline barrier toll plazas including the Newton Falls post in Trumbull County and the Eastgate post in Mahoning County and will allow for E-Z Pass customers to travel the entire 241-mile toll road non-stop. 

The speed limit at the toll plaza interchanges will remain at 10 miles per hour and customers without E-Z Pass will still need to stop for a ticket and pay a ticketed or flat-rate toll with cash or a credit card.

Under the new Toll Collection System (TCS) Modernization Plan, the conversion of lanes at 20 interchanges along the Ohio Turnpike is underway.

The project includes the installation of Patron Dynamic Message Signs (PDMS) and the removal of gates at entrance lanes and E-Z Pass Only exit lanes. The news PDMS will provide instructions to customers entering and exiting the toll road.

As part of the new TCS, nine toll plazas will become non-tolled when the system goes live including the Lordstown West and East plazas in Trumbull County and the Niles-Youngstown, Youngstown and Youngstown-Poland plazas in Mahoning County.