21 News recently reported on the arrest of Shane Slicker of West Middlesex who is facing several charges including aggravated indecent assault and unlawful contact with a minor.

Now, members of Shane's family have reached a plea deal over alleged crimes of their own. These family members are accused of conspiring to intimidate the victims and influence their testimonies.

The alleged conspiracies took places while the family visited Shane in jail as he awaits trial for his charges. Shane, along with his brother Morgan, his father, Michael and his mother, Stephanie White all pled to disorderly conduct for conspiring to contact the victims to influence their testimonies.

The family also allegedly planned to retaliate against a victim's family member by having them fired from their job and evicted from their home.

Court documents obtained by 21 News detail evidence from recorded phone calls including an instance when Shane allegedly solicited family members to visit the victim's residence and disable their vehicle in order to prevent them from going to court.

"If you get this [redacted] done, [victim's name] got no way of coming ... I'll pay you to do it," the conversation read in part.

Attorneys says these threats never came into fruition, therefore the weight of charges cannot be assigned to empty words. That's why multiple felony charges were dropped and the strength of those charges lowered to that of a traffic violation.

"The big question was, did he commit a misdemeanor? Were there any type of real threats or anything? The answer to that was no," said defending attorney, Sean Logue.

The case against Shane's family is closed, but Shane himself will be facing the full burden of his charges in court.