The Valley was already a haven for birdwatchers with folks watching the bald eagle parents and two young ones nesting in Columbiana County. Then there was the sighting of a peacock on Youngstown's Eastside earlier this month.

Now, two more peacocks are calling Vienna Township their home.

Police say they've been seeing, and hearing the loud call of two peacocks in an area south of Avalon Squaw Creek Country Club for the past couple of weeks.

A social media post showed one of the birds in the neighborhood of Sodom Hutchings and Crew Hoad Roads Wednesday morning.

One officer says one of the birds has colorful feathers, while the second bird is a lighter shade.

Heather Merrit of Canfield's Birds in Flight Sanctuary says she has visited the neighborhood attempting to capture the birds, but they keep flying away.

Two local firefighters volunteered to catch the peacocks earlier this week but were unsuccessful according to Merritt who wants to rescue the birds before they're killed.

Merritt says neither of these peacocks is the same one that was wandering Youngstown's Eastside earlier this month.