A stand off in Warren Wednesday afternoon lasting 3 hours ended with police officers capturing 31 year old Wayne Perry. A man with multiple warrants and a history of violence and escaping a correctional facility, this is not his first run-in with the law.

Back in April of 2022 Warren police reports show Perry arriving at his ex-girlfriend's house before she told police he had attacked her and refused to leave.

According to the report, the alleged victim told police that "He punched her numerous times in the ribs causing injuries" and the following day "tried to attack her again." The woman told police Perry was incarcerated at CCA in Youngstown, adding she "has no idea how he got out."

Warren police learned "he kicked out a door there" noting he has not been in the facility for almost a month. When police received a call about Perry's whereabouts, he fled but was eventually caught, and was sentenced to nine months in prison on an escape charge.

Fast forward to June 13 of this year, Perry is wanted for another domestic violence incident, this time at a Howland residence. When police show up he flees on a motorcycle, leading police on a chase as he's "seen running out the back door towards the woods," with officers losing track of him. Less than ten days later Perry is back in Howland, becoming irate with a woman. Reports show he "threw a hammer at [the victim] nearly striking her."

Also stating "She is afraid Perry is going to kill her." When officers were called, Perry, once again, fled before they arrived. He was then indicted for escaping for a second time.

His failure to show up for a July 18 court date resulted in a warrant for his arrest, the following day police spotted him, and he runs as they approach him and is unable to catch him.

Perry barricaded himself inside a house, resulting in a three hour stand off before being arrested.

Perry will be back in court Friday in Warren Municipal Court to face all of his outstanding charges which includes failure to comply, felonious assault and domestic violence.