We should know soon if Ohioans will vote in November to legalize recreational marijuana. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol submitted more than 220,000 signatures to the Secretary of State and if verified, the measure will go on the ballot.

Riviera Creek, the Youngstown company that grows marijuana for the medical cannabis industry, supports the idea of regulating marijuana for adult recreational use.

"I have supported regulated controlled marijuana nationally in all the different states I have worked with from day one," Brian Kessler, Chairman of the Board for Riviera Creek said. "Marijuana is consumed on a daily basis during my whole lifetime as much as Budweiser beer."

"With a regulated adult use market, not only is it going to create lots and lots of jobs, but it's also going to drive in tax benefits to all the local areas," Daniel Kessler, the CEO for Riviera Creek said.

The Kessler's believe legalization and regulation would ensure consumer safety, safeguarding the product from potential contaminents that can arise without oversight.

"Forget about whether it's laced, because who knows what people might put in it, but just transporting it without any controls or any tests probably exposes it to mold and mildew and cannabis is very susceptible to mold and mildew and if no one is watching it or regulating or testing it or making sure old product coming off the shelves when it needs to which is everything we do in a regulated world, then the consumer has no idea," Kessler said. "I am for anything that makes sure that when a person buys this product it is as safe as can be."

They also point to the economic potential that a regulated adult use marijuana market could bring, drawing parallels to the state of Missouri which is anticipating one billion dollars in sales and 100 million in tax revenue in its first year.

"We're double the size of that state, so we should at least be that number if not double, so the tax revenues alone should be dramatic and really beneficial to us," Kessler said.

If successful, Riviera Creek will cater to both the medical marijuana and recreation markets.

"We'll have specific products for medicinal use because clearly cannabis has demonstrated there are certain areas, all the things approved by the state, help patients and I can't tell you how many people let us know on a daily basis how much this has been beneficial," Kessel said. "On the other hand, we'll also have products available for adult use and make sure people are excited about interacting with Riviera Creek and hopefully we can continue to innovate and come up with things that are good for both markets."

Bottom line, the Kesslers say marijuana isn't going away, so the key is finding the right way to interact with it responsibly.

"I just don't like when people buy things that can hurt them and considering that everything else they buy when they go into a Walmart, they go into a Target, they go into a CVS, everything they are buying they have some comfort it is not going to hurt them, we just want to have that in this industry too, there is no reason why they shouldn't," Kessler said.

In other Riviera Creek news, the company has launched a loyalty rewards program. When a patient buys a bag of Riviera Creek product at a dispensary, it will have a car with a QR code. Patients can scan that QR code and get signed up to earn points that can be used for gift cards. It will also allow patients to interact with Riviera Creek about their products.

The company also launched a new product called the RIV stick. In the RIV stick, is one gram of product in a small tube that can then be poured into the vaping unit with little mess. The RIV stick retails for $12.