After another bout of vandalism, the Walnut Grove playground in Canfield has began raising funds for repairs and the purchase of security cameras.

In a post made to Facebook, the Walnut Grove says a volunteer found their Little Free Library knocked off its post and drums in the playground broken.

The Little Free Library sits on a post and allows people to leave their unwanted or unloved books to find their next curious reader. The photos show the enclosure knocked off the post and its brackets bent.

Following a wave of community support and offers, playground spokesperson and board member Corey Patrick says they added a fundraiser to the post which has so far raised over $2,000.

Patrick says the park has been vandalized "a few times" already this year, and it's an issue they have faced regularly enough that it's often discussed at the board's meetings.

"Our board is taking this very seriously." Patrick said. "We want to keep it safe for the community."

The post shows that $2,160 has been donated by 68 donors since the post was made on August 4th. It says any donations will go towards repairs and investing in the park's security. 

While Patrick confirmed that the park is interested in security cameras, he also notes that there isn't currently any electric or internet connection on the property, presenting a steep barrier of entry to installing cameras. Despite the challenges, Patrick says the park is "actively looking into other solutions."

Until then, the park asks that anyone who uses the park reports anyone that intentionally causes damage, as well as any damaged equipment they find.