The Ohio Department of Commerce is warning Ohioans to be wary of a new scam targeting the families of the recently deceased.

According to a release from the DOC, scammers use obituaries in newspapers and online to find information about families of the recently deceased.

They then contact these families, pretending to be the representative from the funeral home or cemetery to solicit financial information like credit card numbers and bank account information.

“It’s an awful scam that targets families when they’re most vulnerable after losing a loved one,” said Daphne Hawk, Superintendent of the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing, which registers more than 4,100 cemeteries. “We want Ohio cemeteries and funeral homes to be aware of this potential scam and let the families they serve know your process. We have resources on how to handle such scams and what to do if you understandably fall for one, too. All that information is in our alert.”