Production has resumed at Ultium Cells after a pipe rupture resulted in EV battery slurry leaking onto the plant floor. According to a plant official, no employees were exposed to the chemicals or injured in the incident.

Ultium Cells makes electric vehicle batteries for General Motors/LG, in a joint operating agreement in Lordstown.

21 News reached out for comment on the accident and was provided the following statement"

"The safety of our employees is paramount at Ultium Cells LLC. Upon the discovery of a cathode mixing slurry leak at our Warren, OH production facility, immediate steps were taken to isolate the cause and contain the leak. The immediate surrounding area was cleared, and area mixing operations have been halted while we assess and address the situation," said Katie Burdette, communications director.

Burdette said the written statement that the area "has been inspected for damage and deemed safe. We have brought in a third-party company to assist with cleanup."

There have been 11 previous complaints filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration since the plant opened nearly one year ago, and two that have led to $24,862 in penalties.

The second Ultium Cells facility is nearing completion in Spring Hill, Tennessee.