The North American International Auto Show opens to the public Saturday in Detroit. People can get a look at the vehicles which will utilize GM's Ultium platform and find out why some experts believe it may give them the edge in a crowded EV market.

"These trucks drive faster, they maneuver better, they are a little more agile because of the platform," says Mahar Hamade, GMC product marketing manager, while he stands in front of a new 2024 GMC Sierra EV.

That's what GM is saying about the new line up that features the ultium batteries. The same ones now being made in Lordstown.
The BIG three automakers are showing off their new EV line ups at the international car show in Detroit because they feel that is where the future of vehicles is driving at. Less oil and gas and more big tech.

One of the original complaints of those slow to get on the EV bandwagon were those concerned about how many miles you can get on a charge. With the Ulitum platform, you can get 300 to 400 miles per charge.

"In the case of GM trucks they are using very large batteries, they have a gross capacity of 250 kilowatt hours. The battery pack in the Hummer and the Silverado EV's weigh almost 3000 pounds. Weighs about the same of a Honda Civic," said Sam Abeulsamid, auto analyst with Guidehouse Insights.

While some auto analysts show concern over the heavy weights of the vehicles, GM says they've used that as an asset.

"The weight distribution of the battery is all over the vehicle so it actually improves the drivability of the vehicle itself. You don't have the front of the vehicle heavier than the back, which is typically what you see in truck products," said Hamade.

GM also says their design of building their vehicles around the battery packs as opposed to packing batteries on already existing gas platforms have led to much better products which they believe will show bigger payoffs for them and their customers in the long term.