By law registered sex offenders are not allowed to live close to schools. It's meant to keep kids safe from potential predators.  However a Youngstown man found out his daughter had been catching the bus in an area with six registered sex offenders. 

"How many people people don't even know this is going on in our neighborhood, busses are putting kids right in the path of danger.", said Miguel.

After contacting the Youngstown City School district, Miguel, who lives on the city's south side reached out to 21 News. 

"I tried to negotiate with the school to try and move the bus closer to where she lives and they decided they were not going to do anything until you guys contacted them--then the issue got resolved.", he added.

After we reached out to the district which changed the bus stop location within the hour, but it revealed a loophole in the state law.

The Ohio Revised Code has laws pertaining to how close a registered sex offender can be to a school, but nothing regarding bus stops--instead decisions about bus routes and stops are made by the school board.

"Ohio law does not prohibit a registered sex offender from residing within a proximity to a bus stop. If a registered sex offender lives within proximity to a bus stop and has demonstrated concerning behavior, the district or parent may wish to contact the county Adult Probation department to report these concerns. Although Ohio law does not prohibit a registered sex offender from residing within a proximity to a bus stop, administrative rules require school districts to establish bus stops for students that ensure student safety." - Ohio Department of Education

Poland Schools Superintendent Craig Hockenberry says they moved to cluster stops with the idea that students are safer in numbers. In addition,  school resource officers there do random checks at different stops.  Hockenberry explained that sex offenders move around a lot, and with no state laws in the books, they rely heavily on parents to let them know when one moves into the district.

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