Have you ever looked at your furry best friend and wondered if they'd be a good actor? Or maybe you've looked at those athletic courses and thought your dog could do it? 

If that's the case, Collingwood Center is about to host just the event for you.

On October 7th from 10am to 5pm, Collingwood will be hosting the Eastern Regional Tridex Trick Dog Expo, while also offering a series of workshops for you to test and train your four-legged friend.

For the Expo, dogs and their trainers will be traveling from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and across the state of Ohio to perform with their well-trained canines.

Alongside the expo will be a series of workshops, open to the public for dogs of all ages and abilities, which include conditioning and fitness workshops, Animal Actor training and certification, and stunt dog training and trials. 

Canine Conditioning Fitness workshops are available to help your dog get meaningful exercise. Puppies can be helped with improved coordination and confidence, while senior dogs can get help improving their strength and balance. 

Stunt Dog Trials are also available in five levels: Novice, Open, Proven, Professional, and Champion. People and their accompanying pooches can earn the Do More With Your Dog! Trick Dog Title before taking part in a trial, which proves their ability as handlers and able-bodied canines.

Finally, Animal Actor workshops and certifications will be offered to anyone interested from entry level to seasoned pros. Animal Actors can be models for advertising and photoshoots,  actors in movies or commercials, or live show performers. Anyone interested in getting their dog into the show business can participate in the workshop, which includes a green screen and professional lighting. 

The certification levels include Level 1 posing for photo shoots, Level 2 for being on a motion set with other actors. Level 3 sees canines working on a quiet set. At Level 4, the dog has drive and advanced training, and a Level 5 Animal Actor is a professional working animal.

Accessing those workshops comes at a one-time cost of $25 for access to all three workshops, administered by trained coaches. To register, contact organizer Patty Stafford at (330) 550-5547 or via email at [email protected].