Youngstown 7th Ward

Amber White - 672

Basia Adamczak - 654

Josie Lyon - 335

Adamczak has been the 7th Ward councilwoman since January 2016. Amber White ran as a write-in for Youngstown mayor in 2021, garnering more than 800 votes.

Clerk of Courts:

Richard Hill - 4,775

Corrine Sanderson - 2,823

Jeff Limbian - 2,751

Hill is a local criminal traffic supervisor at the Youngstown Municipal Clerk of Courts and previously ran for mayor. Limbian is the Youngstown Law Director and has run for judge. Sanderson was a member of the Youngstown School Board.

Youngstown 1st Ward

Julius Oliver - 831

Tracy Randall - 195

Oliver has been on city council since 2016.

Youngstown 2nd Ward

Jimmy Hughes - 815

Million Phifer - 329

Benjamin Brown - 132

Hughes has been the 2nd Ward councilman since January 2020. He was also the Youngstown Police Chief from January 2006 until September 2011.

Youngstown 5th Ward

Patrick Kelly - 1,725

Richard Yaslik - 850

Kelly took over Lauren McNally's term in January 2023 after she was elected as a State Representative for Ohio's 59th District.

Youngstown 6th Ward

Anita Davis - 981

Cheryl Findley - 402

Davis was elected to city council in 2015 and spent 35 years at the Youngstown Police Department.