The recently proposed Poland Police Levy may have failed in the recent general election, but that's not stopping Poland Trustees from trying to pass it again next year.

Poland Trustees voted to put the same levy on the ballot in March.

This levy is a new 0.98-mill 5-year renewal levy, which was to replace two current operating levies, passed as well. The additional levy will bring in $358,000 annually and would cost a homeowner $34.30 per year based on every $100,000 value of the home.

"We want the people of Poland to know that this levy will not cost them anything because it's replacing two levies that cost them the same thing," said Poland Trustee Eric Ungaro.

Recently, the proposal failed at the ballots in Poland Township with votes totaling 46.97% and against 53.03%. 

This time around, the trustees plan to improve the messaging of what this ballot is. Ungaro tells 21 News that a citizen-led effort to inform the residents of Poland that this levy will not cost them anything more than what they're already paying.