A Warren woman who was recently convicted of endangering a child is in trouble again. This time, she's accused of running a man over with a car in the parking lot of a local bar.

According to a police report from Warren PD, it all started on Saturday, November 18 just before midnight when police were called to a home on the 400 Block of Martin Street for a domestic disturbance between the woman, identified as 36-year-old Yolanda Adair and her 21-year-old daughter.

Police spoke to the daughter who told officers that she had asked Adair if she could borrow her car, but Adair told her she would drive her. The daughter went on to say she didn't want Adair to drive her because she was drunk.

The scene was cleared once Adair's daughter's friends picked her up.

Just before 1:00 a.m., police were called on Adair again, this time at the Peace Pub on Parkman Road for a fight in progress. Dispatchers advised police that someone had been hit by a car at this location. 

Upon arrival, police made their way into the women's bathroom and spoke to a female victim who police say had a band-aid on her left eyebrow and that her left eye was swollen and black and blue and that her right eye had a broken blood vessel.

The woman told police that she didn't want to follow up with any charges and that she "had it coming" and "shouldn't have defended someone." 

Police then spoke with a male, identified as the female victim's husband who told officers that he was in the kitchen when he saw a Black female believed to be Adair striking his wife.

At this point, police say the man ran outside to try and stop Adair from leaving, but she fled in her car, striking him with it in the process causing him to roll up the hood of the vehicle.

This incident was caught on surveillance camera video and police traced the license plate number on the vehicle back to Adair.

Police observed the male victim to have a scrapped elbow and a minor road rash on his left hip. 

While on patrol, police observed Adair's vehicle pull into the Sunoco parking lot. Police say when Adair exited the vehicle, they recognized her outfit and hairstyle from their confrontation with her and her daughter earlier in the night.

Police say they believed Adair to still be intoxicated at this time, so after she left Sunoco, officers conducted a traffic stop on her vehicle. When police mentioned the earlier confrontation, police say Adair claimed to have been asleep at the time.

Eventually, Adair agreed to take field sobriety tests, but failed and was placed under arrest for OVI.

Police later informed Adair of the accusations against her at Peace Pub and Adair allegedly told police that she attacked the female because she "kept running up on [her]" and denied running the male victim over.

Adair is currently in the Trumbull County Jail and is charged with OVI, Assault, Felonious Assault and Operating Without a Valid License. She was arraigned in court on Monday and is due back on November 27.