If you still haven't picked out a fresh Christmas tree there's still plenty of time.
A local tree farm lets you pick and chop down your tree to enjoy a family holiday experience for the first time.
Or you can grab a cup of hot cocoa at the "North Pole" and keep up with a family tradition. 
At Pioneer Trails Tree Farm in Poland choosing the right Christmas Tree is a tradition for many folks and families in our region.
You can either ride a wagon with your family for free and choose your tree, or you can pull a sled, grab a saw, and walk the property.
"Every single year whether snowing or like today, a very nice day, we go out and make it an event, and go cut down the tree," Sam and Cindy Simonson said.
First they checked out the selection of cut trees, that are individually priced, which range in size from 3 feet and up to 14 feet high.
Then they venture out to find a tree that catches their eye.
After finding two favorites, Cindy and Sam walked the farm making sure they had just the one they wanted for their home this Christmas. 
All trees you cut yourself cost 79 dollars.
"It's not Christmas without a real tree, and it's a tradition where you get to choose your tree each year. And actually places like this do a great job producing them so we can enjoy them," Sam Simonson added.
At Pioneer Trails Tree Farm they grow 40 acres of various evergreens.
Canadian Frasier and Douglas fir, Scotch, Australian Pines, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce and White Spruce.
For families, kids, and couples, this tradition is helping create memories that will last a lifetime. 
"You bring it back to the barn, we shake it and bale it, and provide a great family experience,"
Mary Jan Perdulla, Owner of the farm said.
They even provide twine to tie it to your SUV, car, or truck. 
Owners tell us it takes around 6 to 7 years to raise a harvestable crop of trees, and the advantage is buying real over a tree in a box.
"If they purchase a real tree they're supporting farmers. They're buying local and it's also good for the environment because the trees are giving out oxygen and improving the environment and not taking away from it like the plastics would do with artificial trees," Perdulla emphasized. 
For forty years Pioneer Trails Christmas Tree Farm has been helping folks enjoy the wonders of Christmas, and for decades they've been giving back. Donating trees to Operation Evergreen to send a touch of home to our troops overseas.
For kids and adults, it's a tradition that keeps them coming back, year after year.
"It smells so good, and it's nature," Sam and Cindy Simonson said. 
They have wreaths and pine roping to decorate your home. 
In addition, you can purchase a stand that holds water for your real Christmas tree.
The Christmas Tree Farm is open this year through December 23rd.
 Hours on weekends are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
On weekdays the hours are from noon to 6 pm.
On Friday Night Lights the hours are from noon to 8:00 pm on December 1st, 8th, and 15th with lighted wagon rides, flashlights and bonfires provided. 
There is a Gift Shop with handmade ornaments. 
If you go online you can find a coupon for $5.00 dollars off your purchase.