For the second election cycle in a row, state senator Matt Dolan is pounding the pavement in a run for the upper chamber in Washington.

"This year is about retiring Sherrod Brown from Ohio politics," Dolan told a crowd of around 50 or so at a Columbiana restaurant Thursday.

But if Dolan wants to be the one to do that, he's going to have to separate himself from Secretary of State Frank LaRose and businessman Bernie Moreno. While Moreno got the Trump endorsement, Dolan says he has the substance to back up his run.

"I am the only one in this race that has done anything to enact Trump policies," Dolan told 21 News. "Trump had good policies, Republicans have good policies, the problem is we're not winning these elections to put our policies in place."

"It's important in America today that we quit giving money away and put people back to work," said Jerry Burton of Youngstown, who came to Thursday's town hall.

He voted for Dolan in 2022 and plans to do so again this year.

"Most of his state work has been in running the finances for the state. He's done a great job. The last four budgets have been spot on," Burton said.

He believes that, combined with Dolan's ability to work across the aisle, will please independent voters.
Dolan says he's pleased with his campaign and that getting into the race earlier this time will help him stand out with more voters.

"I think people understand that I have a conservative record that's gotten results, lowered taxes, less regulation, school choice, help support law enforcement," Dolan said.

We'll learn whether his prediction comes true in 10 months, which is sure to fly by.