The Village of Lordstown is putting the brakes on new trucking terminals in the village following the concerns brought forth by many residents last month.

In January, 21 News reported on the concerns of various Lordstown residents had with the abundance of semi trucks in the village. Now, Village Councilman Robert Bond tells us the village has voted to place a 12-month moratorium on granting permits for any new trucking terminals in the village.

Bond tells 21 News this would give the village time to study the zoning and see if any changes need to be made before issuing new permits.

Concerns from residents include traffic safety risks imposed by the abundance of trucks, with one resident reporting speeding and Jake Brakes constantly going off.

Additional concerns came from Bond himself including trucks "driving on roads they shouldn't be" and the potential loss of income tax revenue.

Bond tells 21 News that Lordstown is primarily funded on income tax rather than property tax, so if more trucking terminals were to be built, there would be less areas in the village for folks to generate income.