A man in Houston, Texas who's accused of posing as a traveling bishop and being married to several women at the same time, has ties to the Valley.

Orlando Coleman, 51, was sentenced to three years in prison on bigamy charges for marrying a third woman, just months after being on probation for being married to two other women.

"When I was 17 years old, I preached my first sermon. He was there," said Reverend Melvin T. Baker at Temple of Praise Cathedral in Sharon.

Baker said the two had a friendship for about 30 years.

Baker says Coleman came to him back in September to join the clergy, but that clergy agreed on multiple conditions, including taking part in a restoration program.

It was something Coleman reluctantly agreed to.

"We knew there were some issues but we were trying to help him recover from whatever it was," added Baker.

Little did they know that months later, Coleman would be behind bars at Harris County Jail in Houston. Bishop Baker says they severed ties with the 51-year-old and are frustrated but know they did what they could.

"I'm like this is senseless, like why do you keep doing this," Baker explained.