As folks travel through The Valley during the eclipse, it'll be tempting to catch a glimpse wherever they can.
But pulling over on the shoulders of a highway or interstate will not be an option.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Brian Cowles tells 21 News it's illegal to stop on the roadway unless you're either having car trouble or an emergency of some kind.
Cruisers will be fanned out across Interstates 80, 76 and 680 throughout the day on April 8.

While Mahoning County isn't going to see as much totality as areas north and west, law enforcement is still fully in preparation mode.

We stopped at the Canfield OSP post to hear how they're gearing up for any influx of eclipse traffic.

"We're just adjusting our manpower to make sure we can maximize the number of road units to be available that day in case something happens," said Cowles. "We're also working with our partners at ODOT and local police departments and the county emergency management agency too."

Cowles says if you plan to be traveling during the eclipse, make your plans now to either visit a rest stop or another accommodation if you want to pause and check out the spectacle.