Heavy rain in the Mahoning Valley has led to widespread flooding issues for many local communities.

Wellsville took measures to prevent flooding along State Route 45 Wednesday afternoon.

Flood walls were erected due to the risk of rising water levels at Little Yellow Creek which is expected to reach a 14-foot crest.

The village began working on the walls at 5:30 p.m.

According to Police, anyone traveling North on State Route 7 from town needs to enter the highway northbound from the Aten Avenue or Clark Avenue on-ramps.

As of 5 a.m. Thursday, the Ohio Department of Transportation reported that State Route 45 southbound was closed to Lisbon Street because of flooding.

The National Weather Service shows that flood levels should begin to drop Thursday. 

The threat of high waters closed Wellsville Schools for the day.

Wellsville fire chief, Barry Podwel said by noon Thursday the levels were over 14 feet high. 

Without the flood wall flood waters can compromise critical infrastructure and create hazardous conditions for people living and working there.

The last time the wall was erected Wellsville has faced such challenges. During Hurricane Harvey in 2017 a wall was temporarily installed.