A baby Gorilla, recently taken to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, has found her new family.

Jameela, a western lowland gorilla, has been accepted into her new foster family with her mother Fredrika or "Freddy". Within seconds of introducing the two, Freddy picked up Jameela and held her.

The introduction between Freddy, her two other children and Jameela lasted a little over two hours, according to a video posted by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

"That was the first time that Jameela was able to be picked up properly by a female gorilla," Laura Kluttz, associate animal curator at the zoo said in the video. 

Next, experts at the zoo will continue to study the gorilla's behavior as they interact.

While the pairing looks like it was a success, park goers may not get to see the new baby for a while. It all depends on how the gorillas are behaving. If they're calm, the building will be open but if not, the building will be closed to the public.

She was born in January at the Fort Worth Zoo but had life-threatening complications that threatened the health of her mother, which required a cesarean - the first in the Zoo's history.

After birth, the gorillas at the zoo did not show maternal behavior toward the baby, so it was decided that the best thing to do for it was to move it to the zoo in Cleveland for fostering.

Watch the full video below: