Judge Renee DiSalvo's GRACE Court celebrated it's second graduation for victims of human trafficking.

Jasmine Harrison, a woman who has suffered through being sex trafficked in the Valley, found herself in and out of jail and had a bout with drug addiction.

"I told Judge I need to get out of Youngstown, I will not survive here," said Harrison.

Tuesday, Harrison established a new beginning through GRACE Court. It's a program that completely rehablitates victims of human trafficking.

"This program would change my life forever," said Harrison. "Initially, I tried to get clean in youngstown and it didn't work. the day that I got out, I went right back to using," she said.

"All of them have a substance abuse component to it," said Judge DiSalvo. "Mental health, trauma counseling, they need financial stability, education, all of those things so there's wrap around services but it's in stages," she said.

This is why the program takes two years to complete. Each person who enters is already facing charges, but if they can complete the program, their records are wiped clean.

Another sex trafficking survivor out of Columbus, who was arrested 33 times before an officer finally helped her down the path to freedom, encourages others coming out of this lifestyle.

"Now, you are to go out here and do something great and amazing with your life," said Barbara Freeman. "Now you have to go out and you have to save and you have to rescue those that are coming behind you," she said.

Harrison contributes her success to Jesus Christ, whom she says she surrenedered her life to and helped her long the way. Harrison also thanks her mentors counselors and Judge DiSalvo for belieiving in her and sticking it out with her.

"I love you too. Thank you so much for everything," Harrison whispered to DiSavo.

Though it was a hard journey, Harrison, now on the other side of this, says she wants to go to the University of Akron, she wants to study social work and she's looking at a brighter future.