Like many other museums across the nation, the Butler Institute of American Art goes through an accreditation process every ten years.

The beloved staple passed the last two accreditations but this time around they fell short.

"Primarily because of our storage situation," said Dr. Lou Zona, Executive Director at the Butler.

Zona says the already massive art collection is growing everyday, while the vault to house all those masterpieces remains the same.

"There are 22 thousand artworks in the butler collection," said Zona. "Right now we're in a crammed situation. It's a challenge but we're up to it," he said.

If the works of art aren't housed properly, preservation can become an obstacle.

"Within the next several days, we'll have started the process of, of expanding our storage capabilities," said Zona.

In addition to expanding the space and working with an architect to map out the plan, Zona says they might also need to put temperature units in place to stay 70 degrees keep humidity at 50 percent.

Zona says once all that is complete, the museum should be back in shape and the work will take several months.