It's repeatedly said the safest choice passengers should do when getting in a vehicle is to put a seatbelt on. 

Law enforcement is expected to boost patrols on the roads as part of Click It or Ticket. The campaign runs until June 2 and reminds drivers and their passengers of the importance of buckling up and the legal consequences for not wearing a seat belt.

21 News spoke with Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Brian Cannon. He said this campaign is crucial to keep drivers safe and spoke to the stats of just how many lives are saved when wearing seatbelts. 

"It's no secret the patrol is adamant about seatbelt usage because it's a key factor in saving lives," Sgt. Cannon said.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol states national seatbelt usage falls at 92%. In Ohio, the numbers are a bit lower at 82%.

"Roughly 19% of Ohioans are not wearing their seatbelts regularly," Sgt. Cannon said. Cannon said he's seen fatal crashes on highways, in residential areas and in fairly rural areas as well. "There is not safe place to not wear your seatbelt," he said. 

According to The Fitch Law Firm, the fine in Ohio usually is around $30 for a driver who are not wearing a seat belt. The passenger’s fine is about $20 for not wearing a seat belt.

Of all fatal crashes in Ohio, 61% of those killed were not wearing their seatbelt, according to Sgt. Cannon. 

Advanced technology in most newer car models prevents the driver from operating a vehicle until every passenger is bucked. 

Sgt. Cannon also emphasized how often he sees drivers and passengers improperly wearing their seatbelts.

"If you're wearing your seatbelt under your arm as opposed to over your shoulder as it's designed, you can break the lower ribs or puncture lungs or spleens, which can result in fatal injury," Cannon said. "The attempt to wear it is commendable but it must be worn properly."

Extra enforcement begins on May 20 in Ohio.