Hundreds of family and friends came out to watch proud Spartan graduates receive their diplomas in Boardman.

The retiring Superintendent Tim Saxton hit back against comments calling this generation lazy and always on their phones.

Instead, he told the crowd about the hard work, determination, and greatness he sees in students.

Three-hundred-thirty seniors wore caps and gowns during the Boardman Spartan Class of 2024 Commencement Ceremony.

Superintendent Saxton's message to the students is to run your race, to compete against yourself, and be the best you can be.

Seniors have made so many memories looking here, and are looking forward to building on their futures.

A graduate we talked with will attend Youngstown State University for Business.

The best thing was that my friends and I got to experience new things with new people. I'm looking forward to a new chapter in life and I'm sure everybody else is too," Charlie Young said. 

"I will be attending Westminster College. I am going to be majoring in Chemistry and I'm so excited because my three best friends are going with me," Emily Yurko said. 

Other students will miss how welcoming Boardman Spartans have been, yet look forward to working toward a great future.

T'anna James moved to the district three years ago and is thankful so many people were so awesome.

"I will be attending Oakwood University in Huntsville Alabama in July. I have to be there in July. I'll be studying Management Information Systems and I'm looking forward to it." James said. 

Seven Spartan Class of 2024 graduates completed coursework to be honored as First in Class.

61 graduates earned honors diplomas for rigorous coursework completed.

About one out of every three students in the graduating class are Honors Graduates with a 3.5 GPA and above.

The Boardman Spartan Class of 2024 has earned and accepted 4.2 million dollars in scholarships.