Newton Falls City Council voted as an emergency ordinance to have the city manager assume the health benefits plan administrator role.

That's so he can approve any WJL Administered and unpaid medical bills on a case-by-case basis.

The city manager will also review unpaid bills for ancillary services such as an ambulance or medical supplies before May 1, 2024.

The city council took action after some employees complained their bills were not processed or went into collections.

"We are still investigating that. We still don't know why they weren't paid. It's alarming they weren't paid. We are very concerned about the hows, and the why's. We anticipate litigation over that," Law Director Jeff Limbian said.

We have reached out to WJL Administrative Services in Austintown to find out if all bills have been processed, and bills that should have been paid have been paid.  

21 News also left a message asking WJL where the holdups are.

WJL is a Third Party Administrator.

A TPA is responsible for handling the claims, processing, and reporting components of a self-funded benefits plan.

Newton Falls is now using another company for that service.

The Law Director says a full investigation will be done.