Every second counts, which is why officials in Boardman held an open house to discuss plans to improve emergency response times in the community.

While nothing is official, the township is considering a proposed levy to help pay for at least one staffed fire truck and an ambulance at each of the township's three stations.

Right now, Boardman only has one station with an ambulance crew covering all 25 miles of the community.

"Somebody's chances of survival diminish 10 percent for every minute that passes without CPR," Boardman Fire Chief Mark Pitzer said. "It's important that we're getting to people in a timely manner. If it takes six or seven minutes, your chances have already gone down 60-70 percent by the chance we get on scene."

While there isn't an official timeline for when a levy could be proposed, the township administrator and Fire Chief Mark Pitzer hope to get a levy on the ballot this November.