A call-for-action message by downtown Youngstown advocate Scott Shulick is asking leaders to come together. With the fate of the realty tower being uncertain, Shulick is hoping to secure downtown’s future. 

The construction and explosion downtown affected many businesses downtown.

“So much of the progress of opening new restaurants, bars, and cultural venues kind of are in jeopardy now,” said Scott Schulick, advocate for Downtown Youngstown.

Schulick’s call to action plan asks community leaders to come together, and figure out a way how the city can move forward after the explosion. Nearly 40 community leaders had a positive reaction to this message.

“We care. We care about everything that’s downtown. I mean we are so passionate about the revitalization, to restore these buildings. So I mean it’s nice to know that there is this big group. So I mean it’s nice to know that there is this big group that is coming together,” said Aspasia Lyras, co-owner of Penguin City Brewing Company.

Guy Coviello, CEO of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, said a partnership like this one can help turn this downtown into a vibrant one.

“I’m very grateful that Scott cast that wide net to all people that might be interested in helping, and he made some great points that are clearly from the heart. This is obviously somebody who cares a lot about the downtown,” said Coviello.

Schulick said everything is still in the planning stage, but he hopes the message will start the conversation.

“Regardless of what happens with the fate of realty building,  that has been a stimulus to look at what is our future, what is our outcome going to be going forward,” said Schulick.

There is no set date on when the leaders will meet, but Shulick hopes a group will gather in the near future.