The 5th Annual Pride in The Valley is taking place in downtown Warren, put on by Full Spectrum Community Outreach. 

The festival has grown in thousands each year, bringing local vendors, food, music and performances, to support the LGBTQ-Plus community.

The festival and parade in Warren's Courthouse Square brought many people together from across the region, including people of different ages and backgrounds there to celebrate LGBTQ-Plus individuals. 

Organizers said it's uplifting to see how the turnout has grown in recent years with 5,000 in attendance last year and a goal of 7,000 this year.

This includes 125 vendors and 21 sponsors, but behind the thousands gathering, the display of colors and the cheer is what's been a difficult fight according to those who attended the festival.

"Over 21 sponsors... Macys, Akron Children Hospitals, Huntington Bank," CEO and Co-Found of Full Spectrum Community Outreach Tim Bortner said, "I mean these are huge sponsors." 

The outreach of pride hasn't come without continued pushback.

"There's a ton of bills that are in our statehouse that are about to pass that are anti-LGBT bills," Bortner said, "One is an anti-bathroom bill, and one is a 'don't say gay' bill in schools."

Bortner said although there are concerns about Ohio legislation, he is proud to see people in the community come together and support one another. 

The festival includes food, activities, music and local drag performances in the late afternoon and evening. See the full schedule here.