A local trucking company is hosting a hiring event to attract more candidates for critical roles.

Companies like Aim Transportation Solutions are looking to build up their workforce but face dwindling interest in the career with a nationwide shortage.

"We're still upbeat on how our year's going to finish out and I think everybody's feeling a little bit of a pinch compared to how it used to be," said David Gurska, the COO of Aim Transportation Solutions.

However, it's not all good news. Thomas Balzer, Ohio Trucking's President and CEO says a number of factors, including the popularity of companies like Amazon and the slowdown of the economy are to blame for changes in the freight industry.

Not only are there less loads available for truck drivers. The number of drivers willing to take on long routes is also decreasing.

"A lot of the grocery deliveries and Walmart deliveries, you can still do essentially the same thing that they were doing before but just shorter hauls and they get to be home every night," Balzer said.

With Ohio as a major hub for national routes, companies like Aim are offering more benefits to drivers, to offset the demands of the job.

The Ohio Trucking Association is also working to remove barriers to entry for the career.

The industry is investing heavily in technology to make sure it can recruit drivers and mitigate some of the challenges.